Spray Foam Technologies of Ohio

Certified SupplyWhat is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)?
Energy efficient and multifunctional, Spray Polyurethane Foam is a highly effective air and water barrier, vapor retarder and energy efficient insulation. SPF offers building owners and architects numerous proven solutions to a diverse range of residential and commercial construction challenges.

SPF vs. Traditional Insulation

Superior Energy Efficiency: SPF insulation systems lower heating and cooling bills an average of 40%, and in some cases as much as 60%! (Individual results may vary. Source: Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance)

Prevents Air Infiltration: Studies have shown that as much as 40% of a building’s total energy loss is due to air infiltration.

Increased Structural Integrity: Closed cell SPF adds structural strength and glues a building together, thereby making it more resistant to racking events, such as hurricanes and high winds.

Green/Sustainable Building Material: SPF is exceptionally eco-friendly and, in addition to its energy efficiency, reduces a structure’s carbon footprint.

Helps Reduce Moisture & Mold: SPF works to reduce moisture infiltration, the source of potentially dangerous mold and mildew growth.

Design Flexibility: Whether it’s an angled, curved, arched and/or sloped ceiling or wall, SPF insulation systems conform to oddly shaped spaces, filling gaps and cavities to create secure air barriers.

Tax Incentives: Numerous federal, state & local tax incentives exist for green building products.

Life Cycle Cost Benefit: Traditional fiberglass insulation settles overtime, decreasing its R-value. SPF doesn’t breakdown, offering energy savings for the life of the building.

Increased Resale & Lease Value: Energy efficient buildings command higher rents and occupancy rates.

Contributes to LEED Points: Incorporating SPF in your construction project can make significant contributions to certification goals.

Based in Hudson, Ohio, Spray Foam Technologies of Ohio (SFTO) specializes in the residential and commercial application of Spray Polyurethane Foam. An active member of ABAA, SFTO has several ABAA certified applicators on staff. All SFTO applicators are OHSO certified and have been additionally certified by SPF supplier: NCFI Polyurethanes. For additional information regarding SFTO’s products, services or qualifications, please feel free to contact 330.650.1400 or info@SprayFoamTechOhio.com.